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This gorgeous Unicorn gift gives off such a magical vibe with its shimmering silver and white, a moonlit full moon sky and of course the beauty and power of the Unicorn itself.

Unicorns are a mystical Animal who symbolise innocence, purity, love & goodness of heart. Anyone who loves Unicorns will adore this present. Its suitable for any age from 5 to 100yrs ;0) as a Birthday Gift, Christmas gift or just because.

When your order comes through your Unicorn will then be lovingly painted on to a beach stone from my collection of hand picked stones from the beautiful Suffolk coastline. They have been personally chosen for their size, feel, markings and strong vibrational energy. 

Beach stones hold their own healing vibrations too and have for hundreds, if not thousands of years been charged and tumbled by the power of the Sea. 

I will leave the stone clear on its underside so the flow of natural energy from the stone can continue.

This special stone will approximately measure between 8cm by 5cm and will be smooth and flatish. It makes a perfect paperweight, altar decoration or can be popped under your pillow to enhance your dreams. The painting will be varnished for extra durability and protection.

Unicorn Healing Stone

SKU: 001
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