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Shakti Boutique has evolved from an early start up of small tables that  were set up at Live Music Shows and Festivals into a Physical Shop and Studio located just outside of New York City borders in Jersey City know for being a  Highly Artistic Community, eclectic and diverse. Located just a couple of miles away from the heart of NYC sat a Vintage Glam Boutique which was ribbon cut by the Mayor of Jersey City opened up in 2015. The business was rapidly becoming popular and housing unique items for the local community,  provided Celebrity Stylists and Film/TV sets Décor, Fashion, and Furnishings.


An unexpected incident of a drunk Homeless person starting a fire in... and subsequent issues  significant challenges to Shakti who even contemplated, giving up her journey. With multiple offers on the business she opted not to give up on her vision. In fact the vision has now taken a slightly different turn and an entirely New Rebranding  encompassing Shakti's true nature.


While holding a successful International Recording/Performing Music Career Shakti at times  struggled to find balance between her passion for her boutique and her music. Shakti holds a Masters In Music and has charted in top 10.  Her Music continues to be featured on TV shows, Films, and commercials.  To Shakti they were very similar just different Artistic channels for her Creativity and. She personally returned to a more holistic approach in response to her hectic life style and found healing and restoration with her love of healthy eating, meditation, yoga, self care and her love for home decor and Vastu/Feng Shui design and Global concepts she picked up from her Musician touring life. She took some time out of her busy schedule to reconnect with family and friends and do some soul searching. Just like any artist it takes time to find out who they truly are. in her case a return to her early days of Sound Healing, spiritual music  and Meditation.  Now a Master Reiki Practioner and Certified Sound Healer....This evolution of Expression and her creativity has resulted in a Boutique for the Mind, Body, Spirit  & Home along with a Meditation and Wellness Studio offering Courses, Workshops, and Beauty Services with a Global essence. Shakti Thara has launched her own personal line most recently during the Pandemic along with curating an array of beauty and expression presented by her eclectic circle of creative friends. Her love of creating beautiful and wearable items for the Mind, body and home is the genesis of this venture featuring jewelry, beauty products, home décor, clothing and other trinkets. The home collection is where her heart is. Shakti always had an interest in decorating and was always revamping her and friends places. After a heartbreak she turned to design to heal her the result was the launch of the Shakti Urban Villa a Urban retreat now ranked by Airbnb as a top Global Destination. It displays her passion for Interior styling. Shakti continues to repurpose furniture, and travels all around the world bringing unique collections to the Shakti Boutique. A true (recovered) shopaholic in everyway possible Shakti Thara has shopped all around the world and online and presents you with her own unique collections!

In the near future the mini to go Cafe opened serving Adaptogens, Beauty Elxiers, & herbal tea blends will re-open. Some of the Herbal Blends are sourced directly from her own Tea Estate in the Mountains of South Asia.  

Much like her music, the finds in the shop are a reflection of global inclinations blending spiritual elements with art. You will find pieces that speak to you...

Shakti Thara is based in New York City and spends her time touring as a musician and working on her boutique that initially launched in 2002. Drawing from a concept that inward beauty can be reflected externally. You will find her collections moving and her hope is they should become apart of your own self-expressive style when incorporated.  There are no boundaries or specific people in mind just a market and space for lovely human spirits that love.

“Style is a mind, body & spiritual expression be your inner self.”


–Shakti Thara

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