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This listing is for a set of 3 ounces of small batch of herbal incense honoring the goddesses Hekate, Artemis, and Tiamat.

Artemis is the goddess of wild things, the hunt, independence and survival. Her domain is the forest, and any wilderness, and she presides over beasts great and small, whether they be wild or domestic creatures. She protects women and children, and lends her strength during childbirth, making her the goddess of midwives.

Hekate is the goddess of witches, magic, the dead, and the night. She rules over all useful herbs - magical, healing or poisonous. She governs the secret knowledge of their use as well as the knowledge of witchcraft and necromancy. She guards entrance ways, crossroads and boundaries of every sort, especially those of the household.

Tiamat is a chaos goddess and primordial goddess of the sea. There are two interpretations of Tiamat mythos - one as a peaceful creator goddess, creating the cosmos through the sacred union of salt and fresh water, another as a monstrous embodiment of primordial chaos (sometimes as a sea serpent or sea dragon).

These blends contains the herbs, resins, barks and oils associated with their energies, and are completely free of artificial fragrances and fillers.

Loose incense works best if ground or powdered, to make sure the ingredients are integrated and the smell is consistent with each use. We recommend grinding this blend in a mortar and pestle if you want the most consistent smell.


Ritual Incense Goddess Collection

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