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Wildly crafted and ethically sourced. Cleanse the body and mind with the Herbal Facial Steam. A nourishing blend of herbs and flowers keep skin hydrated, firm and supple. Quiet the mind and soothe the body with the Botanical Calming Bath. Rose petals calm sensitive and dry skin, while hops flowers, passionflower, and skullcap relieve stress.

Founded by Katya Slepak as a response to her teenage acne. Essential nutrients are blended into light, silky formulas known for their restorative, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Pure, organic ingredients naturally react with skin’s oils to restore balance and boost radiance.



Herbal Facial Steam 
• 1.5oz
• Hibiscus flower; helichrysum flower; calendula flower; lady's mantle; marshmallow root; rose petals; sage; orange peel; lavender flower; burdock root; yarrow leaf & flower; elder flower 

Botanical Calming Bath

• 1.5oz
• Chamomile flower; lavender flower; calendula flower; rose petals; hops flower; sunflower petals; passionflower; skullcap

• Made in Bushwick, Brooklyn


Please Note these are two seperate products 

Malaya Organics Face & Body Herbal Blends Facial Steam

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