Shades of Blue Massai Tribe Bangles

Massai/Kenya Tribe Bangles

  • These handmade bead bracelets will add a unique flair to your style. The three bracelets are made in Kenya and are accented with many colors to easily coordinate with any outfit. This bright handmade jewelry is fun to wear alone or in bunches. The set of bracelets features beads in multiple hues of blue and blue/green to add flair to any outfit.

    Product Features:
    Multiple hues of blue and blue/green
    Rubber ring wrapped in beads
    Bangle will give a little to get over your hand, but not too much
    Measures approximately 7.5 inches in circumference

    Story Behind the Art:
    Working with more than 100 individual carvers in Machakos, Kenya, Jedando Modern Handicrafts markets products primarily made of wood and bone worldwide. Carving is a tradition in Kenya with the children learning the craft from their parents. Carved by hand, using only rudimentary hand-tools, bowls, salad serving sets and animal-shaped napkin rings take shape from pieces of olive wood, mahogany, and mpingo or African Ebony.