Shakti Thara

The Shakti Boutique Story




The Shakti Boutique Market is an Eclecti​c arrray of beauty and expression presented by International Recording/Performing  Music Artist Shakti Thara turned fashionista, and her circle of creative friends. Her love of creating beautiful and wearable items is the genesis of this venture featuring jewlery, beauty products, clothing and other trinkets. The home collection is her joy and pride a passionate designer Shakti repurposes furniture, and travels all around the world bringing unique collections to the Shakti Boutique. A true shopaholic in everyway possible Shakti Thara has shopped all around the world and online and presents you with her own unique collections!



The Boutique collections are represented by various designers.


The 2nd Life collection is very much like a Hip Thrift Shop/Sophisticated Garage sale where you will find unique finds and vintage items. Much like her music, the pieces are a reflection of her global inclinations blending spiritual elements with art. You will find pieces that speak to you...

Shakti Thara is based in New York City and spends her time touring as a musician and working on her boutique that initially launched in 2002. Drawing from a concept that inward beauty can be reflected externally. You will find her collections moving and should become apart of your own self-expressive style when incorporated.  There are no boundaries or specific people in mind just a market for lovely human spirits that love.

“Fashion is a mind, body & spiritual expression be your innerself.”


–Shakti Thara